Monday, February 27, 2012

Green goo?

I recently made two dishes that turned out looking like green goo, or slime, about the color of Shrek.  Appetizing, huh?  While they looked suspicious, they were actually quite delicious. 

The first of my green slime dishes was a healthy version of cream of asparagus soup.  Inspired by, it was actually very simple.  First I boiled vegetable stock and cooked a bunch of fresh asparagus on the stove until tender. Next I used my blender to puree the asparagus along some of the water it was boiled in and some chopped onion.  See pic above. After the mixture was smooth, I put it back in a pot and it went back on the stove to stay warm while I stirred in a container of plain Greek yogurt. After seasoning with salt, pepper, cayenne, and some fresh cilantro, it was ready to be devoured.  And devoured it was.

My second green slime dish was inspired by dinner at my dad's friend's house.  As she was cooking dinner, she set out vegetables and edamame hummus from Trader Joe's.  Naturally, with my new edamame obsession, and perpetual hummus eating, I was intrigued. Believe it or not, there is only one Trader Joe's in DC.  Despite my love for Trader Joe's, I have not yet been.  It requires transferring on the metro, which I try to avoid as much as possible.  So, I decided to make some myself.  I used the same technique that I use for traditional chickpea hummus, but replaced some of the chickpeas with boiled edamame. Basically, in my Magic Bullet I combined canned chickpeas, some of the juice in the can, boiled edamame, two garlic cloves, olive oil, cumin, and cayenne.  After a minute or so of blending, the hummus was ready to go. Great for dipping crackers, pita, homemade tortilla chips, cucumbers, peppers, and carrots.

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