Monday, February 27, 2012

Two new stirfrys

In college, I always made the same type of stirfry.  It was chicken with peppers, onions, and maybe broccoli over rice.  It was a good fall back, but I got tired of it. There are so many other food combinations out there.  Why cook the same thing over and over?

Two of my recent combos have turned out quite tasty.  One is lemongrass chicken--Brandon's favorite Vietnamese food. The main ingredients are chicken, onion, lemongrass, fish sauce, and sugar.

This picture shows lemongrass chicken and tofu, served with white rice and broccoli.


My other new stirfry was made of mushrooms, tofu, edamame, and quinoa.  This dish was my first attempt at cooking tofu and quinoa...separately or together. The first step was to cook the mushrooms and tofu with seasoning.


Meanwhile, the quinoa and edamame boiled on the next burner over.


Here's the final product:

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