Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fig turnovers

My family's beach house has a giant fig bush out front.  Every summer there is a massive fig harvest, and no one knows exactly what to do with the figs--other than make fig jam.  One (extended) family can only eat so much fig jam... In preparation for this year's trip, I decided to try to make fig turnovers.  (Well, that and my mom gave me some leftover figs she had from baking.) Here are the figs:

The first step was to create the filling.  To do this I used my magic bullet to combine cream cheese (leftover from making cheesecake strawberries), raw cane sugar, and the figs. The filling was still chunky when I stopped blending, but if you wanted, you could blend it until creamy.

Then I copped out.  Instead of making my own dough, I used cresent rolls that come in a tube.   I rolled out the dough into the pre-cut triangles.  After placing about a tablespoon of filling on each triangle, I rolled up the cresents into their traditional shape and placed them in the oven.  I baked them at 350 degrees for 7-10 minutes. Here they are going into the oven:

And after they came out:


The turnovers browned nicely (thanks to the pre-made dough, not me) and had a great texture (again, no thanks to me). The filling complemented the rolls well, but was nothing amazing.  I won't be recommending this recipe as a way to use figs at the beach this summer. The filling, however, made a great spread on top of bagels for breakfast for the next week. 

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