Monday, May 21, 2012

Vegan Monday: Week 3

Welcome to the weekly installment of Vegan Mondays! Today's vegan menu was Asian-inspired. Lunch and dinner were at least...

For breakfast, I had banana bread overnight oats. It was made up of traditional oats, vanilla soy milk, plain soy yogurt, banana, flax seeds, walnuts, coriander, and cinnamon.  This was one of my better combinations.  

I did not actually cook my lunch today.  I had Trader Joe's frozen vegan Pad Thai.  I must admit, this was one of the better frozen meals I have ever had.  As you can see below, the meal had rice noodles, carrots, and tofu, along with a tasty sauce.


After lunch, I headed to a conference for the afternoon at work.  There was a spread of snacks at the conference, but most of them were not vegan.  I ended up snacking on some vegetables: carrots, red bell pepper, and squash.  Unfortunately, I could not have the ranch dip or cookies. 

Dinner was my adventurous meal of the day.   I made myself some sushi with leftover ingredients from a few weekends ago when I made sushi with friends.  I'll blog about that soon I promise.  I made two rolls.  The first roll, pictured here, had cucumber and avocado.  The second roll had cucumber, avocado, and mango. I don't want to ruin my sushi post, but here is a picture of the roll before being rolled:

And after:


For dessert I am currently eating the rest of the mango from my sushi. 

Today's vegan experience was not as planned as the past two weeks.  I was out of town for the weekend and didn't have time to fully think through my meals.  Because of the lack of planning, my food was a little heavy on carbs and light on protein for my liking.  This is definitely a learning experience.

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