Thursday, May 3, 2012

Indian Feast

Last weekend my boyfriend Brandon and I cooked ourselves a feast of Indian food. We were both really hungry while we cooked, so there are no pictures of the process, just two pictures of the final product. In the one below you can see the four dishes that we made:
  • Naan (we didn't really make this, but heated it up in the oven)
  • Chicken Tikka (marinated overnight in a variety of spices and yogurt and then broiled)
  • Curried Chickpeas (the spice mixture was from a kit and was way too salty)
  • Daal (from the Skinny Bitch cookbook)


Overall, this meal was very fun to make.  The daal and naan turned out the best in my opinion.  Brandon liked the chicken tikka and naan the best.  I thought that the chicken tikka was a little mild.  We'll have to up the spices next time--and find out how to make it red!

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