Saturday, May 26, 2012

Homemade vegetable broth

As I've gotten more and more into cooking, I find myself using a lot of broth.  It used to be chicken and beef broth, but now I use vegetable broth almost exclusively.  At first I bought cans or cartons of broth from the store.  Then I started using Better Than Bouillon and mixing it with water. This spring I decided to take advantage of the farmer's market and make my own broth.

Here is my haul from the farmer's market.  From left to right we have turnips, yellow bell pepper, green bell pepper (leftover from my fridge), tomato, two giant onions, asparagus, carrots, and celery.


The first step in making broth is to cut up all of the vegetables.  You can see here that I did not cut up my asparagus.  I thought that fresh local asparagus was just too good to put in broth and ate it separately.


After the vegetables were cut, I roasted them in the oven for about an hour. They are ready when they start to brown and the onions start to caramelize.


Next, I boiled the vegetables in water until the liquid was reduced.  This is just one of two huge pots I had going.


After the liquid was reduced by half I strained the vegetables so that only liquid was left. Then I tasted the broth and added spices to my liking.  No salt was needed. It turns out that a ton of vegetables makes a TON of vegetable broth.  You can see here that my freezer is full of--count them--six jars of broth. 


Making broth is very rewarding.  Turning vegetables (some of which I don't particularly care for) into delicious broth feels like a great accomplishment.  My homemade broth is also salt-free, unlike the store-bought varieties and has way more flavor. 

In addition to my  abundance of broth, I now have six containers of roasted vegetables.  I haven't figured out what exactly I'm going to do with all of these vegetables yet.  Veggie lasagna?  Roasted veggie sandwiches?  I'm really not sure.  Any ideas are welcome!

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