Tuesday, January 31, 2012


How many of you have ever had okra?  I had never eaten (or heard of, actually) okra until traveling to Africa. Many people think of okra as a southern food, but it actually is an African vegetable.  Here's what it looks like in its natural state.

The insides look like little stars:

According to the internet, many people shy away from cooking okra because it gets slimy when cooked.  Apparently if you do NOT rinse it before cooking, the slime is not a problem.  I was a little anxious about not washing my vegetables before cooking them, but I figured a little dirt is better than a lot of slime.  I sauteed the sliced okra in olive oil with onion and garlic (obviously) and some cumin to give it an Indian flavor. Here's what it looked like while cooking:

And after.  This was AMAZING.  It totally took me back to my trip to Africa.  The dish was so good that although I intended to make extra to take for lunch the next day, I actually ate all of it at once. I highly recommend trying okra if you haven't already. You can buy it fresh (as pictured here), or frozen.

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