Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shrimp pasta


Today after work I had a random craving for shrimp scampi--which I've only had once in my life.  I looked up recipes, and realized that it requires white wine, which of course I did not have.  Since it was relatively chilly out today, I decided it wasn't worth going to the grocery/liquor store to get some.  Instead, I made up my own (similar) recipe.

First, as all of my favorite recipes start, I sauted some onion and a clove of garlic in olive oil.  Then, I added in some peeled shrimp.  I like to keep frozen shrimp on hand at all times.  They defrost in about 5 minutes in cold water, and are great for a quick seafood fix.  I sauted the shrimp until they turned pink.

Meanwhile, I had fettuccini boiling and broccoli steaming on the stove. Once the fettucchini was cooked, I mixed it in with the shrimp and onions.  I added a tiny bit more olive oil to the mixture, and spiced it very simply with salt, pepper, lemon juice, and parsley.

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